Advantages of groundnut:

One of the underground types of pulses in the world, nutmeg is based on the habitat of South America and is currently very important in tropical countries worldwide.

 Nutrients in 100g groundnut:

 6.5 g of water
 567 kg of energy
 Protein 25.85 g
 49g of fat
 Carbohydrates 16 g
 8 g of fiber
 4 g of sugar


 92 milligrams of calcium
 4 milligrams of iron
 168 mg of magnesium
 Phosphorus 376 mg
 705 milligrams of potassium
 18 milligrams of sodium
 3 ml of zinc


 Vitamin B1 64 milligrams
 Vitamin B3 0.135 g
 Vitamin B6 12.066 mg
 Polite 240ug
 Vitamin E 8.3 milligrams

 Fats and fatty acids:

 Saturated 6.279 g
 Polyunsaturated 24 .345 g
 Mono Unsaturated 15.130 g

 Uses of groundnut:

 Bowel cancer:
 The presence of cytosteral chemicals in the groundnut can destroy the intestinal cancer cells in the stomach and intestine, so eating nutmeg twice a week can reduce your risk of bowel cancer.

 Vitamin B3 and niacin in the groundnut have the ability to deliver blood to the brain more smoothly and accurately, thus increasing memory and strengthening brain capacity.

 Pregnant women:
 Groundnut is an excellent lentil food recommended by doctors as it contains high levels of bolic acid.

 (Alzheimer's) Memory:
 Peanuts are highly susceptible to the risk of Alzheimer's disease if they consume large amounts of groundnut in their lifetime.  Vitamins and minerals in groundnut have the ability to prevent memory loss by up to 70%.

 Eczema and Psoriasis:
 In this world, people suffer from environmental damage, which causes a large number of skin diseases to be controlled.

 To strengthen the muscles:
 High nutrient intake of nutrients and high fat intake can help our body to increase protein intake from nutrients and help to maintain a healthy body.  The size of the groundnut.

 Baby Food:
 Take a handful of ground nuts and almond pistachio cashew ketchup and give it to the babies for half a day.

 gallbladder stone:
 Our body can only function properly when our body has a good amount of bile. When we eat a high-fat diet, the gallbladder stone is formed.

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