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Foods that increase immunity ? Yes….

So we should eat the following foods and convert our body into a disease resistant body during this period.



Garlic helps to increase blood flow and stimulate hormones and promote romantic feelings. Antibacterial antibacterial antibacterial bacterial infection is also effective in fighting fungal infections.



Ginger is the best food that fight against microorganisms. Ginger is a wonderful food item that has the potential to increase immunity and can provide immediate relief from stomach acidity and gastrointestinal problems



The good microorganisms in yogurt can kill the infections in the intestinal tract of the body.

 Sweet potato:


Most people underestimate the risk of iron deficiency, which often includes vitamin A, which is responsible for the production of connective tissue.



Mushrooms play an important role in the production of red blood cells that produce immunity and against the disease of the body.  Mushrooms are rich in zinc and zinc.



here is no doubt that fruits are the number one priority in boosting immunity, so fruits are the only ones that have the ability to increase their digestive power and boost immunity by eating fruits that adapt to the climate daily.

 Lemon Fruit:


We now know that high levels of vitamin C in lemon fruit have the potential to increase immunity and prevent frequent colds and flu.

 Orange Fruit:


Orange fruit with a sour taste and sweet taste is high in vitamin C, and people who eat too much and athletes can increase the body’s immunity by consuming orange juice.

 Spinach and Vegetables:


Greens are the second largest contributor to immunity.  Since greens and vegetables contain all sorts of vitamins and minerals, the body is immune to the daily intake of foods and protects the body from harmful germs.



There is no denying that the body has high levels of Vitamin C in the body to improve immunity.



If you eat a gooseberry on an empty stomach on a daily basis, the body naturally develops immunity and protects the body from various diseases and purification of blood plays a huge role.

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