Top20 Benefits of guava #Guava is a potent anti-constipation ??

The “apple of the poor” has the highest medicinal properties.

In today’s climate we are all urgently forced into a fast food diet because the population is the first and there are plenty of examples of how our ancestors ate the same diets during this time.  The following is about the greatness of guava, the so-called apple of the poor, which leaves us with diseases.

The 20 main uses of guava:

Increase immunity

Reducing the risk of cancer

Keeping diabetes under control

Protecting a healthy heart

Correction of constipation problem

Improving eyesight skills

Tooth pain can go away

Reduce stress

Correcting women’s problems during pregnancy

Controlling oxidative change

Changing the appearance of man

Increasing brain activity

Cough can increase immunity to colds

Reduce body weight

Cheating on skin color

Controlling scurvy

Correction of thyroid problem

Reduce stress

Correction of diarrhea

Increase immunity:

Vitamin C is the most important fruit in vitamin C because it contains four times as much vitamin C as orange.
The antioxidants in it are known to stimulate the body’s immune system and protect the body from any infection.



Eating large amounts of koyaap fruit helps control prostate cancer and reduces breast cancer risk.



Due to the high fiber and glycemic index of cholera, it usually prevents the causes of diabetes.


High intake of sodium and potassium in guava reduces bad cholesterol (low density lipoprotein) and increases good cholesterol (very high density lipoprotein) levels, thereby reducing high blood pressure and protecting the heart.



The high fiber content of the guava body can improve the digestive tract and relieve chronic constipation.


Vitamin A deficiency has the potential to alleviate these deficiencies.

Pregnancy period:


Guava is a fruit prescribed by doctors for pregnant women because of its high content of vitamin B9 and bolic acid.

Dental Pain:


Pruning the guava leaf can reduce the problem of teeth and gums.

mental stress:

High amounts of magnesium in guava can help the working man to develop muscles and nerves for a longer period of time.

Brain Strength:


Vitamin B3 and B6 (niacin and pyridoxine) are known to be present in guinea pig to help control the nerve cell damage in the brain.

Weight Loss:


Guava fruit has the ability to regulate the body’s metabolic rate, such as weight gain and loss of metabolism.

Cold Cough:

Since koya fruit is high in moisture, our body temperature is lowered when eating large quantities of koyappa fruit.

Skin color:

Eating too much of vitamin A and Vitamin C in the fruit is a good indicator of skin discoloration.


Vitamin C Deficiency Scurvy Vitamin C is high in vitamin A and is effective in controlling scurvy.


Thyroxine is a disease caused by a hormone deficiency. Thyroid hormone deficiency is caused by metabolism in the body.

Teeth strong:

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